Mission statement

Our vision

We remain a successful, family-owned company and do everything possible to get the most satisfied employees and customers in the relocation business.

We plan and act sustainably – for the benefit of our environment.

Our contribution

We increase customer benefits through individual and process-optimized transport.


Our values


We are reliable, keep our promises and do what we say. We are honest. Then, customers such as employees and entrepreneurs can rely equally.


What we do, we do with passion and joy. We take the liberty to do the extraordinary and happy if we achieve things together. We allow us to enjoy success and to celebrate.

Health and vitality

Without health no vitality. Without joy no creativeness. Without creativity no success without success no satisfaction. The health of our employees is the most important resource for its protection and conservation, we contribute.

Respect and appreciation

We encounter all – whether employees, customers or entrepreneurs – with respect and appreciation. They are the basis for a successful cooperation.


Our environment is important to us. It bestows habitat and quality of life. As a transport company, our goal is to avoid negative environmental impacts and sparingly with natural resources.


Our principles

Only what pays off for us, is also a success.

Here we focus on measurable criteria and review decisions on whether these serve the common objectives.

Our employees are highly motivated and do their best.

Our employees motivated and active together in a constructive atmosphere. They are the guarantee that we remain successful.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We create maximum customer satisfaction and differentiate ourselves from by a high degree of customer orientation from the competition.

We are looking for market niches where we can continue to develop successfully.

New ideas we will give space, because they help us to develop further. We foster an open and constructive climate, grow in the ideas.

Others think in quarters, we in generations. We pursue long-term goals in order to secure the stability and the continuity of the company.

we meet our environmental responsibility.

A good ecological balance is now an asset to any company. Benefited the environment, we also benefit. Therefore, we plan and act sustainably.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Transport Krumpf GmbH strictly prohibits engaging in or tolerating bribery or any form of corruption and ensures your information is secured. Please review also:


Transport Krumpf GmbH supports the adoption of anti-trust compliance. In this connection, we are determined to support the fight against cartels, which restrict competition among suppliers to the detriment of customers.Please review also: 

FIDI Anti-Trust Charter


Notice of Privacy

Personal data received by Transport Krumpf GmbH by any means will not be published, distributed or sold. They may only be provided to third parties in accordance with the provision of the services of Krumpf, including administrative, commercial and operational derived from such services activities, will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the current legal framework on privacy issues. Please review also:



Service Level Agreement

Even in our industry -at least for not-FIDI companies –  the issue of “quality” is often not a general rule. In order to objectify this quality of service, we agreed Service Level Agreements with partners who are not FIDI certified (or similar). Those Agreements specify the form in which a service can and should be provided.